Name of the Project

USAID Marketing Innovations for Sustainable Health Development


Social Marketing Company (SMC) signed a five year Cooperative Agreement with USAID for implementing Marketing Innovations for Sustainable Health Development (MISHD) in Bangladesh. The alliance will increase access to public health products in family planning and reproductive health, maternal and child health, and nutritional products; increase effective use of products and practice of healthy behaviors through behavior change communications (BCC).

GOAL & Result

The project goal is to contribute to sustained improvements in the health status of women, children, and families in Bangladesh by increasing access to and demand for essential health products and services, using social marketing tools and concepts through the private sector. To attain this goal, the project will work towards achieving the following intermediate results (IRs):-

  • IR 1: Increased access to and availability of a wide range of social marketing products through private sector networks including non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • IR 2: Improved adoption of healthy behavior and practice by families and communities through effective BCC and media reach
  • IR 3: Enhanced engagement of the private sector in delivery of quality health care and critical public health services.

Project Duration – November 01, 2016 to September 30, 2022

Estimated Population – 37,93,370

MISHD Implementation Modalities-

Community Mobilization activities,

Working Area:-

USAID Funded

Sylhet Division under four district 23 Upazila

Chittagram Division under Brahmanbaria district 6 Upazila

Dhaka South City Corporation: 03 ward

Chittagram City Corporation: 03 ward

 Social Marketing Company (SMC) own funded:

Chattagram Division under Cox’s bazar district 04 Upazila & chattragram district 02 Upazila

Dhaka North City Corporation: 03 ward

Communication Package of MISHD

  1. Healthy Timing & Spacing of Pregnancy (HTSP)
  2. First 1000 days
  3. Adolescent Health
  4. TB Control & management.

Community Mobilization activity

Current/ Present activity

  1. Group meeting with MWRA, care givers of under five children
  2. Entrepreneur development and functioning
  3. School health sessions with adolescent girls & boys
  4. Adolescent health session with non-school going girls and boys.
  5. Meeting with Newly Wed couple
  6. Maa Shomabash
  7. Advocacy meeting with Upazila & Union parishad

Future Activity Plan

  1. Carry on the existing program
  2. Mass Motivational Camping like Palagan, Miking & Bazar/hat campaign
  3. Motivational meeting with Marriage register
  4. School Management Committee (SMC) meeting
  5. Development Ambassador meeting
  6. Program dissemination with Govt. official.